Music School
Amorebieta, Bilbao

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The project for the construction of a music school in Zelaieta park is a unique opportunity to complete and revitalize one of the most important enclaves of Amorebieta-Etxano, through the insertion of a generator and attractor of cultural activities. A school of music is not only a place but also a teaching material for events and public activities. The aim of the proposal is the realization of a compact, functional and useful construction, where the extension of the terrace space allows the perception of the surroundings of the park and the city from a privileged point of view. The proposal is geared towards a careful and precise work on the proportions and in the dialogue with the adjoining building through the composition of the alignments and the façade partitions, while the lightening of the mass towards the top and the use of a brass cladding constitute its counterpoint. The interior space is structured around a large triple height space that connects the distribution system at the different levels and serves as a climate regulator during the year.

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    Public space

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    Ayuntamiento de Amorebieta

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