Blue Folly

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The approach of the project focuses on the meaning and on the architectural interpretation of the social activity inside the contemporary public space. From this point, we meant the typology of the "folly" as a an artifact able to be a conscious breaking gesture, triggering new perspectives and reflections. The relationship between utility and futility has been thought as a further consideration on the visual identity of the project in relation to its own context. The folly follows two logics, on the one side, it owns an autonomous identity, and on the other it stresses its functional role as a community service. The project of the new Children pavilion arises from this duality, insisting on the reinterpretation of a classic typology from a social point of view.

  • Type: 
    Public space

  • Scale: 

  • Status: 

  • Client: 
    Comune di Milano

  • Budget: 
    1,2 M€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, Arup, Spazio Occhipinti, Nom de Plume

  • Photos: 
    Carola Merello

  • Year: