Pedestrian Bridge

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The project for a bike/pedestrian bridge on the Martesana Naviglio came from the desire to create not only a simple connection but a "public space". The project looks for an immediate relationship with the morphology of the context, the architecture and the open urban spaces. The objective of the reflection is to integrate the appearance of the bridge into the urban design with a light and transparent gesture that originates from the same profile of the city, rising lightly over the water and lowering softly onto the green area of Via St. Mamete. In the design of the facades, the idea to gradually rise from the road level emphasizes the linearity of the intervention and the strength of the intersection of the three axis.

  • Type: 
    Public space

  • Scale: 
    Urban design

  • Status: 

  • Client: 
    Comune di Milano

  • Budget: 
    850 K€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, Giacomo Mulas

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  • Year: