Expo Pavilion

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The project for a temporary pavilion for the Milano Expo 2015 takes shape in a radical gesture, communicatively evoking a clear visual identity, which is synthesized in a distinctly recognizable archetype. The portal acts as a direct quotation that abandons the significance of its historically commemorative purpose, to create a shared dimension; a shared public space. "Ex Machina" defines a place, an axis, an intersection. The design intends to create two levels of shared public space; immediately at the street level and above, granting visitors a rarely accessible view of the city . The strength of its composition, pace of the structure, and its permeability and lightness establish a clear architecture in which therole of the public is the same as the surrounding monuments.

  • Type: 
    Public space

  • Scale: 

  • Status: 

  • Client: 
    La Triennale di Milano

  • Budget: 
    3,4 M€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, Arup, Nom de Plume

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