Housing Unit
Cascina Merlata, Milano

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The project acts as a spontaneous territorial gesture that interprets the characteristics of the place, introducing itself as a hinge between the existing public space in front of the farm, Cascina Merlata, and the park. The alignment with the piazza in front of Cascina Merlata facing via Gallarate generates a public connection to the project, while in the south, a public space of access and distribution at the entrance to the masterplan opens the visual horizon to a green corridor that the two buildings face. The park crosses the intervention like a gradient, transforming into urban space upon confronting the design of the city and vice versa. The intent is to give form to a public space in conjunction with the development of the private components, resulting in a space configured with a system that combines full living, working, and recreation.

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  • Client: 
    EuroMilano, Confcooperative

  • Budget: 
    30 M€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, Cyril Issanchou

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