BURS Offices

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The site demonstrates the intersection of horizontal and vertical components to create a unique environment in the CBD of Gaborone. With one program stacked vertically and another spread horizontally, a park serves as the unifying aspect of the site, linking the buildings with a landscape, that will not only serve as a defining element of the site but also acts as an offering to the people of Gaborone. Complete with native species, the park acts as a culmination of the most prominent environmental typologies represented in Botswana. The BURS tower is split into a pair of slender buildings, maintaining two internal facades and two external ones. In the intense Botswana climate, the exterior facades function as a shading system for the offices, but also to give the building a strong presence in Gaborone. The internal facades are shaded naturally given their proximity to each other and undulating forms and their movement creates spaces for an interior vertical garden.

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    20 M€

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    A2BC, Arctez, Bso Studio

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