Social Housing Unit

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The residential complex of via Cenni is part of a diverse and dense urban area characterized by isolated buildings and by large mono-functional complexes. The project reinterprets the matrix of the existing farm, Torrette di Trenno, with a courtyard plan which opens the new intervention to the existing urban and social fabric with squares, meeting places, for gathering, sharing and exchange. The goal is to give shape to a large public space that fully combines living, working and recreation. New raised urban paths recall the Milanese tenement tradition, generating common spaces for residents and distribution paths for the housing units. The architectural design doubles as a social project encouraging neighborly relations and a stronger sense of living and, therefore, the formation of the community.

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  • Client: 
    Fondazione Housing Sociale

  • Budget: 
    15 M€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, OBR (team leader), Buro Happold

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