Renovation of Piazza Verdi
La Spezia

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The proposal for piazza Giuseppe Verdi in La Spezia leaves fragments of memories outlined on the asphalt; the presumable routes of cars, traffic moving in both directions, bicycles and pedestrians, appropriated in long ribbons on the ground dictated by the traffic signals. This registration of movement and motion on the ground is a way to instill the tracks of the population’s variety of uses of the city. The intervention essentially consists of a design of luminous strips left by cars passing in the night; the materialization of these sculptural elements is defined by a ratio of proportions between the volumes resulting in the varying heights and curvature of the lines in the Piazza. The piazza actually comes back to life, such that it conceptually retains all its transformations in volumes, positive and negative, and even carries the passage of man with it.

  • Type: 
    Public space

  • Scale: 
    Urban design

  • Status: 

  • Client: 
    Comune di La Spezia

  • Budget: 
    2,2 M€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, VedovaMazzei

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  • Year: