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The building emerges from the horizon of the countryside of Parma as a new landmark, a gesture capable of redefining the surrounding landscape. At the base of the volume a dense garden occupies the entire perimeter of the lot and enters the interior common space of the building. The vertical cavity which generates the form of the building houses the energy consumption and climate regulation systems. With a focus on innovative building, the project is designed to take advantage of the climatic and environmental conditions of its context. A kaleidoscopic facade changes with the time of day and seasons of the year, just like the agricultural fields that surround it, taking advantage of environmental conditions while paying attention to energy conservation and production.

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  • Client: 
    Provincia di Parma

  • Budget: 
    15 M€

  • Team: 
    A2BC, Consalez Rossi (team leader), Redesco, Ariatta, Alessandro Rogora (BEST PoliMi)

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