Lile in Cucina

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‘….A small restaurant created by us, where you feel affection, passion, and care, creating a reality that is ours and for everyone. I’ve seen this place. It’s Lile, a new restaurant where I had dinner last weekend. Two bright windows, warm like home, inviting and relaxing. My first thought: I’m in the right place. Everything is there for a reason, denoting the personality and the attention of those who took care of every detail. We start with a ribollita. Healthy, sincere. To discover in the first spoonful: you taste the flavor of olive oil! First course: homemade pappardelle with ragù. Moving. Main course: maialino al vino and coniglio alle erbe, con contorno di patate con la buccia. Indulgence is on its way….’ Alice de Ferrari

  • Type: 
    Public space

  • Scale: 

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  • Client: 

  • Budget: 
    180 K€

  • Team: 

  • Photos: 
    Carola Merello

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