A2BC Opening

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Dear Neighbors, We would like to inform you that, Friday April 24th, from 19:30 to 22:00, the inauguration of the architectural studio, A2BC, will be held in the courtyard of the building. Throughout the evening, there will be screenings on the walls of the courtyard of short films from the "Balena Project" by the artist Claudia Losi. Inside the studio, the Mukat works of the same artist will be on display. We apologize in advance for any possible noise disturbance and we are at your disposal to clarify any further organizational logistics. We thank you for your cooperation and invite you to participate in the evening. Thank you, A2BC

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    Public space

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  • Team: 
    A2BC, Claudia Losi

  • Photos: 
    Carola Merello

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